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Got High would love to have you as a wholesale or retail partner for our Delta-8 products! Our online store serves clients across the US! Our mission is always to deliver an effective and high-quality product that everyone will love and benefit from in the fullest way. This includes, of course, our wholesale and retail partnerships. We want you to know that we value your decision to showcase our selection of top quality THC and Hemp products in your storefront.

When you order Got High Delta-8 products wholesale from our California warehouse, you’re not only offering quality wellness products, but you’re also helping to normalize these safe, often life-changing compounds and make them more widely accessible. This is something that we are most passionate about, and we know that passion extends through our wholesale and retail partnerships.

Needless to say, we would love to hear from you and we’re happy to discuss your wholesale or retail needs. By filling out the contact form below, we can get our journey together started! We’ll be glad to provide you with wholesale pricing information, discuss any minimum orders or quantities needed, and help you determine which products will be best for you to carry. We also have a section at the bottom of the contact form for any additional questions you might have about the various wholesale items we offer out of our California distribution center.

After filling out our form, we’ll approve your application within one business day. After the approval, you’ll receive an email from us that contains your login information for your wholesale account on our website.