Collection: Infused Candy

Delta 8 THC will get you high it is a minor Cannabinoid, but it offers a clear-headed engaged experience coupled with mood-elevating awareness. These gummies are known for as the functional high. Many professional athletes, entrepreneurs and high-performance individuals take these to get “in the zone”. In a nutshell, Delta 8 THC is Delta 9 without the anxiety.

Gummies Available in Two Great tasting flavors Blue Raspberry & Pink Lemonade.


1st place winner at the CBD Expo right here. 100 MG of deliciousness! Enjoy our 4 pack or 30 pack. 

We've also got Taffy! We put 60 MG of Delta 8 in each taffy, these powerful candies will leave you feeling extremely relaxed with a clear mind. We partnered with a candy company with 50 years of taffy-making experience, you will not find a better taffy. Enjoy responsibly!

Other products include cannabinoid-infused candy ropes, cannabombs, weed tarts, sour gummies, and more.